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Winthrop University Copyright Policy

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he Winthrop University Copyright Policy was revised by a committee of faculty and administrators in the 2005-2006 academic year and was approved August 9, 2006 by the Executive Officers of Winthrop University. It replaces the policy passed by the Board in 1991.

For the convenience of members of the Winthrop community, we have provided detailed explanations of the policy and its implications for faculty, students, staff, and campus organizations. Since we are not lawyers, these interpretations are not meant to be legally binding, but rather guidelines provided to help you understand the law and follow Winthrop's policy. We've also provided links to other informational sites to help you deal with this very complex issue.

If you have specific questions about the policy, questions to add to the "FAQs" list, or notice a broken link, please submit your question here. Either Dean Herring or a member of the Copyright Committee will address your concern promptly.

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