September 12 – October 28, 2011
an exhibition by
Cherith Lundin

Rutledge Gallery
Rutledge Building

The work in this exhibition includes intimate mixed media investigations of private space as well as a large-scale drawing intervention across the walls of the Rutledge Gallery. Whether blotting out everything in an image but the floorboards in order to take note of momentary constellations and pathways through seemingly familiar space, or erasing the clutter of daily life to create ‘unobstructed’ views, the work repeatedly draws attention to states of in between, shifting our attention between object and its shadow, present experience and memory. Obstacles and obstructions become as important to shaping ‘the view’ as that which is seen beyond an opening, giving a subtle nudge towards reconsidering what we know or assume about the familiar.


Elementals 1
archival ink jet print, gesso, paper, panel
8x10", 2008