Paul Yanko
Green Shift Angle
12 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Mixed media on panel
(Acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, collage)

September 12 – October 28, 2011
Counterpoints:  Space and Form
Alice Ballard, Roger Dalrymple,
Paul Yanko, and Enid Williams

Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery
Rutledge Building 

Four Greenville, South Carolina artists will exhibit two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork expressive of their individual viewpoints about space and form.  Counterpoints of nature and architecture, perception and process, organic and geometric form combine to create dramatic tension and delineation between the artists and their medium.  Both Dalrymple and Ballard articulate clay as surface and form.  Ballard's sensitive forms are genuine and pure expression of organic nature and the world she observes on daily walks.  Dalrymple's captivating structural approach to ceramic work is influenced by his career in architecture and his long exposure to Aboriginal people in America, New Zealand, and Australia.  While Yanko and Williams’ work appears in complete contrast, they both rely on complex ordering of form and color through paint.  Yanko expresses creative process in his Modernist geometric abstraction, while Williams explores optical effects with a vocabulary of small circular shapes meant to evoke a sense of playfulness.  Through juxtaposition of artist to medium, medium to medium, and space to form, articulated relationships engage and delight the mind as well as the eye.

Alice Ballard

A Walk Remembered
Shell - detail

6" X 17" X 20", 2010
white earthenware and terra sigillata


Enid Williams
Modern Organic
60” x 60”
Oil on canvas

Untitled (Kiva Series)
Roger Dalrymple
16" x 10"w x 7"h