Reflect, Educate, Inspire
by artist Dustin Shores

May 17 – Aug 19, 2010

Lewandowski Student Gallery
McLaurin Hall / Winthrop University

Opening Reception:  Thursday, June 24, 2010 -  6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.


Dustin Shores graduated from Winthrop University in
May 2009 with a degree in Fine Arts - Photography.

 Artist's Biography
I am currently working as both a Fine Arts Photographer, a Commercial Photographer and Graphic Designer. My interests in photography and the Arts are unlimited. I also work in mixed media, which includes drawing, painting and any medium that I feel will make an image relate to it’s viewers. Photography has changed tremendously over the past few years and I have been living, learning and working in this transition. My images show both a respect for the former and the new ways of the photo making process.  My goal is to continue working as a Community Activist, Artist, and Arts Educator. I plan to attend graduate school in the near future, as well as carrying on the responsibilities of running two present companies.
- Dustin Shores


Artist Statement

These projects are collaboration with the First Ward Community located in uptown Charlotte.  The organizations involved are the First Ward Community Fund, Center City Partners, the Charlotte Housing Authority, and the First Ward Elementary School. I have worked hand-in-hand with all of the organizations to help bring art and the community together.  Large-scale community art projects have the ability to unite community residents and allow them to express themselves visually.  These projects also allow the community to preserve the past, chronicle the present, and to grow in the future.  Working with the First Ward Community has inspired me to continue my work as a community activist, artist, and arts educator.
 - Dustin Shores

Artwork Summaries

"Children of First Ward Community" 2010 - Dustin Shores

A collaboration by the children of First Ward, one of Charlotte’s
center-city neighborhoods, this 4’ x 8’ mixed-media mural expresses their
vision of their eclectic urban community. The young artists used disposal digital cameras to photograph First Ward and created drawings over the course of several workshops held at their local recreation center. All supplies and funding were provided by the First Ward Community Fund and Center City Partners.


We Are First Ward" 2010 - Dustin Shores

The recent history of First Ward photo mural consists of 192 collected photographs printed on 4’ x 8’ panel.
These images depict community members who have made a difference in First Ward over the last 25 years.
The mural is a vehicle for the community to show appreciation to these mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grand parents,
teachers, police officers, firemen, political figures and others who have worked to build and sustain a vibrant First Ward.
This work will be displayed at the Charlotte Housing Authority Office in Charlotte.
All supplies and funding were donated by the First Ward Community Fund and Charlotte Housing Authority.