February 13 – March 30, 2012
Conjoined Opposites
by artist Indrani Nayar-Gall
Elizabeth Dunlap Patrick Gallery

Rutledge Building

The exhibition Conjoined Opposites reflects Indrani’s thoughts on migration, identity, loss, memory and displacement. Her personal life’s journey from her native India to different geographical regions has made her aware of these issues. By combining two dimensional with three dimension and time-based media, color with absence of color; perfect forms of spheres/circles with deformed or organic; prickly hard with soft flesh-like yarns; smooth transparent with opaque and menacing, her work attempts to understand the paradox of conjoined opposites, the fear/trauma/sadness/loss/death with hope/dream of life that exist within all of us. This exhibition explores her shift from personal to global narratives, either examining stories of loss and displacement in social and political contexts, or the ability of the displaced to mend these opposites within themselves. The imagery uses intimate juxtapositions of small groups of opposites, explores the simple power of repetition, or even experiments with light and natural forms or elements. The resulting effect traverses diverse expressive spaces, from minimalistic to tactile, from stationary to transitory and temporal.