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Students reporting incidents of sexual assault are often concerned for their privacy and have questions about confidentiality. At Winthrop University, there is a difference between privileged reporting and limited confidential reporting.

Privileged Reporting consists of those communications that legally cannot be disclosed without the reporter's consent to any other person, except under very limited circumstances such as an imminent threat of danger to self or others.

Examples of Privileged Reporting Resources:

  • Counseling Staff (including the Office of Victims Assistance Staff Counselor, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers)
  • Health Service Staff (nurses or nurse practitioners)
  • Campus Ministry (ordained minister, priest, or rabbi)

Limited Confidential Reporting relates to all other individuals who may be a part of the response team. It simply means that they will not disseminate information shared without the consent of the victim except on a need-to-know basis to enlist services needed for the student.

Examples of Designated Limited Confidential Reporting Resources:

  • Victim Services Coordinator
  • Residence Life & Greek Life Staff
  • Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office
  • Faculty or Staff

Parental/Legal Guardian/Partner Notification: When and if parents and/or legal guardians are contacted is a decision the victim should make, unless there are extenuating circumstances. A member of the sexual violence response team such as the Dean or Assistant Dean of students can assist a student with notification. In some instances, when there is a significant health or safety concern, the university may need to notify the parents, guardian, or partner of the individual involved in the sexual assault. In making this determination, the university will consider the wishes of those involved, their personal safety, and the safety of the campus community.

Anonymous Reporting: SC law guarantees that a victim may receive services while choosing not to report to law enforcement. The information that is acquired through the medical examination performed by the SANE nurse is provided anonymously to law enforcement and given a number rather than a name. The evidence will be retained for up to one year, should a victim decide to press charges. If law enforcement is notified, the report is no longer anonymous. If the person committing the sexual assault is a legal spouse, the evidence will be retained for 30 days.

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