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To read more about the sustainable practices at Winthrop University click on the individual topics listed above.  Each page contains general information about the various strategies implemented.  Clicking on the green highlighted items will link you to more detailed information.  


Sustainability & Students . . .

The Council of Student Leaders (CSL), as the voice of the student body, are committed to Winthrop University and our extended community through appreciating diversity and encouraging unity. In 2011, CSL amended the Dedication for Excellence to include Environmental Responsibility:

I will recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and will acknowledge the ecological and aesthetic consequences of my actions for future generations.


For any student who wants to become a leader that promotes sustainability, there are several opportunities to do so:
  • Join a student group such as SEAC or ECO that focuses on educating the community about unsustainable practices and grassroots efforts to move us to a more sustainable future.
  • Encourage any student belonging to a organization or Greek organization to sponsor one or two events each semester that focuses on one or several aspects of sustainability.  If they do not know where to begin, they should contact the Center for Career & Civic Engagement or the Sustainability Office and we will help to provide some direction.  Residence life and other student groups have in the past conducted trash audits and hosted cultural events that discussed a variety of topics related to sustainability; below are just a few examples.
  • Attend an event that focuses on a topic that is related to advance economic vitality, ecological integrity, and social welfare.
  • Enroll in the Introduction to Sustainability course (SUST102) that is currently offered during the spring semester. This course examines sustainability and carefully analyzes how social, economic, and environmental issues are interconnected and is required for the Minor of Sustainability.
  • Visit this website on a regular basis to receive an update about what is happening and find a variety of resources that will help individuals develop a better understanding of sustainability.    

Residence Life

  • Academic Success Communities
  • Recycling bins are located in every student room
  • Recycling stations in building lobby's or designated collection areas in the residence hall
  • Furniture in lobbies of residence halls are sustainable, i.e. the fabric is very easily replaced and individual modules of each piece can be repaired without replacing the entire unit.
  • Replacement  MicroFridges are Energy Star rated.
  • Laundry appliances are Energy Star rated.
  • Resident Assistants develop programming to educate residents about sustainable practices.
  • Developed and implemented on-line procedures to eliminate departmental forms and files on student and operational issues.
  • Winthrop has participated in 2012 RecycleMania Tournament, a national recycling competition.

During the 2012 Winthrop Wellness Fair,  the ASC RA's hosted a water taste test of tap water, bottled water, and filtered tap water.  Would you have been able to taste the difference?

Recycling in residence halls can be easy!  Student's can use the recycling bins in their rooms to collect recyclables as they use them.  Then, recyclables can be taken to the designated areas in each building.  Never place trash or non-recyclables in recycling bins.  Contact the RA if there is no recycling bin in the room. 

Participants were then asked to pledge their commitment to take active steps to be more sustainable, to join fellow Eagles by being a selfless steward considering the long-term consequences of their actions and how these actions will impact the environment in the future.
Specifically, through participating in the water taste test, if the participant realized that there was minimal differences between bottle, filtered, and tap water, they would pledge to reduce the amount of bottled water he or she consumes and instead take advantage of reusable water bottles. Are you willing to take the pledge?

In 2013, Winthrop Partnered with Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont to collect items for donation during as students moved out of their residence halls.  Below is the collection in the Courtyard.

Moving on Out! was in response to what Winthrop students sent to the landfill during 2012 move out, wasting tons of usable items that contain valuable embodied energy.  The image below is of items discarded by Winthrop students during move out at the end of the 2011/12 academic year. Much of this 'trash' could have been recycled or donated. What else do you notice about the 'trash' that was discarded?

  When moving out, residents should consider what they do with his or her unwanted items:

  • Recycle all trash that can be recycled.
  • Donate furniture, rugs, and other home accessories to a local thrift stores.
  • Donate any non-perishable food items, toilet paper, paper towels, clothes, laundry detergent, etc. to a local charity. 

Contact the sustainability coordinator with questions about what to do with unwanted items when moving out of Winthrop's residence halls. 

Green Tips for College Students 
Naomi Rockler-Gladen, Jul 9, 2007

Student Organizations

Student Organizations can offer many opportunities for students to advance economic vitality, ecological integrity, and social welfare.  Student organizations can be innovative in their approach to proposing and/or promoting sustainable initiatives on Winthrop's campus.  In addition, the Center for Career & Civic Engagement can offer  students and student organizations assistance by locating service learning and volunteer opportunities with the surrounding community or other regions of the United States that are in need.


Trash audit SEAC conducted of Lois Rhame West Health, Physical Education and Wellness Center April 2012.

Other Sustainable Experience Opportunities

SustainUS has launch the Lead Now Fellowship, a new program focused on supporting young leaders who are developing projects that will catalyze change toward a thriving planet! 





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