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To read more about the sustainable practices at Winthrop University click on the individual topics listed above.  Each page contains general information about the various strategies implemented.  Clicking on the green highlighted items will link you to more detailed information.  


Sustainability & Academics . . .

Winthrop is committed to delivering educational experiences that prepare students to become leaders in their professions and in their communities.  Our motto, Live, Learn, Lead, conveys essential components of the Winthrop experience and expectations we have for students.

Environmental Sciences & Studies Programs . . .

Winthrop offers the following degree programs that focuses on understanding today’s environmental issues and examining topics from diverse viewpoints in anticipation of finding meaningful contributions to their solutions.  For more information contact, Dr. Marsha Bollinger 

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences

Introduce students to the scientific, social, political, cultural, economic, and policy aspects of environmental issues in preparation for scientific careers in industry, government, consulting, and for graduate programs in environmental sciences.

Bachelor of Art in Environmental Studies

Introduces students to the scientific, social, political, cultural, economic, and policy aspects of environmental issues.

Minor of Environmental Studies

The minor in Environmental Studies provides students with a broad background on how environmental issues, are approached and deals primarily with the impact of humans on their environment. 

Minor of Sustainability

The minor in sustainability provides students with a broad understanding of how we can meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. Students will be exposed to sustainability issues in human systems (economics, for instance) as well as in natural systems (environmental biology, for instance) and will be encouraged to apply principles of sustainability to real world problems.


College of Business Department of Management & Marketing . . .

Winthrop's College of Business Department of Management & Marketing offers the Sustainable Business option.

The Sustainable Business option introduces students to basic business concepts, a spirit of innovation, environmental sensitivity, and a commitment to social responsibility.

For more information about the sustainable business option, contact Dr. Marilyn Smith.

Internship Opportunities . . .

Contact the Sustainability Coordinator for information about possible internship opportunities working on sustainability projects and program development on Winthrop University's campus.



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