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Off-Campus Living Check List 

The Off-Campus Living Check List is designed to assist you through your transition to off-campus living.  You will find the check list to be a helpful tool and full of resources for your journey as a commuter student.

1.      Preparing for off-campus living

                    Who and What?

   What type of living environment do you want?  Does a house, townhouse, or apartment best fit your lifestyle, interests, and budget?  Will you have a roommate (or two), pets, or other family members to consider?  How will you get from your new home to work and school?


   How close to Winthrop University do you need to be?

   Do you need to be close to a place of employment?

   How close will your new home be to other weekly activities like shopping, church, fitness center, and friends?

   Whatever the distance, give it a trial run to see how long your commute will be during different times of the day.


Give yourself plenty of time to do research and explore your options.  When asked, many students consider the end of spring break to be the crucial time for locating an apartment.  Do your research in the weeks before spring break to make sure you’re prepared and fully informed.

      Set a budget 

  • Helpful sites that include free information on what to budget with helpful tools:

      HINT: Consider not only your monthly costs, but any one-time, up-front costs such as security deposits or set-up fees such as . . .

Electric Service: $75 to $150 deposits depending upon your credit score

Water Service: $15 to $30 deposits depending upon your credit score

Sewer Service: $15 to $30 deposits depending upon your credit score

   For more information on electric, water or sewer deposits click here to be directed to the City of Rock Hill.

Telephone Service:

   Local Phone: $39.00 connection fee, $50.00
   deposit, if getting long distance service

   Internet: No deposit for dial-up, $25.00 for high-speed

      For more information on local phone and internet

Natural Gas: $25.00 set-up fee plus up to $300.00 initial deposit depending upon your credit score

      If you will be living with a roommate, discuss the costs of renting and have a plan before making any commitments.  Good communication now will save a lot of frustration later.

▪ Consider a roommate contract to clearly outline expectations and agreements

- Law Depot

- University of Virginia Version

      Contact Financial Aid to be informed about your financial status before you move off-campus.  Hint: Some student may receive a refund, but not until the school year begins.  Plan ahead to avoid frustration and let that refund work for you!

      Create a list of housing priorities to help decide where to look.  Things to consider: Location, Cost, Roommates, Services (amenities, included utilities)


2.  Preparing for off-campus living 

Research Available Places by:

      Talking to fellow students, reviewing the classified ads in newspapers, searching the internet, and driving around town.

      Helpful sites include


      The Herald

      The Fort Mill Times

      The Charlotte Observer







Picking up a copy of Apartment Finder at newsstands

      Found a better site for information on housing? Let us know by clicking here.


      Schedule a time to walk through properties

      Talk with Landlord about: costs, services, terms of the lease, roommates policies, parking, utilities, amenities, availability, pets, what if something needs to be repaired, and references.

      Helpful Sites on What to Look for in a Landlord


      Review Ten Tips for Tenants

      Pick a place that meets your needs

      Prepare for signing a lease 

      Sign a Lease

      Pay Housing Deposits


3.  Preparing for your move

Connecting Utilities 



      Natural Gas (if necessary)

      Television (if desired)

      Local Phone (if desired)

      Long Distance (if desired)

      Internet (if desired)

Plan your move

      Rent/Borrow necessary vehicles

      Purchase necessary supplies

      Pack personal belongings and personal property

      Confirm move-in date and procedures with Landlord/Roommates

      Confirm activation date for Utilities

      Consider purchasing renters insurance to protect your property in case of emergency.

              For more information . . . visit


     4.  After your move

      Set a schedule that will allow for your additional commute time

      Plan your day to maximize your time on-campus

      Include time to stay involved in activities and connecting with friends

      Review “Being a Good Neighbor”

      Review Rock Hill Ordinances

     5.  If you should need assistance with

      Roommate conflict 

      Address conflicts as soon as possible.  The sooner you make your roommate aware of a problem, the more likely a mutually satisfying solution may be reached.

      Address concerns directly to your roommate, preferably in person.  Avoid communication through e-mail, IM, text messages or other roommates or friends.  The more personal and direct your communication is, the easier it may be to solve the problem.

      Communicate clearly and avoid accusations or blaming.  Use “I statements” when possible and talk about the results of situations or behaviors instead pointing fingers.

      Consider drafting a roommate agreement that clearly describes expectations and solutions.  Click here for a sample from Residence Life.

      In a fix?  Get your landlord to repair or maintain your apartment

      Getting your security deposit back

      Help with evictions and terminations.


Do you have an item you think we should add to the Off-Campus Living Check List?


This information is provided as a service.  While care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, there may be unintended errors, changes or deletions without notification.  Those using this list communicate, contract and do business with individuals, companies or firms at their own risk.  The Board  of Trustees, officers, agents and employees of Winthrop University shall not be liable for any errors or omissions made in the compilation or printing of this list.

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