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Steps to follow When Submitting Grants to External Sponsors


 Obtain approval of concept by Department Head and Dean



Develop purpose statement, objectives, participants and desired outcomes with estimated costs of project.
This step is essential prior to beginning the search for potential sponsors and programs. This information is for your use and may be in whatever format you choose, but it is highly recommended that you write it down.  This information is also critical when asking the Sponsored Programs and Research Office (SPAR) to conduct funding searches for you.


Identify potential funding sponsors:
Winthrop subscribes to InfoEd Spin , a funding search program.  The SPAR office will also assist you in completing searches.  This site also list web sites for Federal, State of South Carolina and a limited number of Other/Foundations.


Obtain the current program guidelines and application forms.
Many of the program guidelines and forms are now available on the internet and easily downloaded to your computer.  If you need assistance with obtaining this information, contact the SPAR Director - Teresa Justice.

This is also a good time to contact the sponsor's program officer and discuss your proposal.  The program officer will give you valuable information about what to include in the proposal, what is important to the reviewer/sponsor and other information that may not be readily available in the program guidelines.  The program officer can also tell you if your project is not a good match with their goals, so that you do now waste your time submitting to this particular sponsor.

Remember !  Your competition is calling the program officers and discussing their ideas -don't be blind-sighted or miss out on valuable information that they will have had in writing their proposal.


Write the grant narrative following the guidelines carefully for page length requirements, order of presentation and other sponsor requirements.
When writing the grant narrative, pay very close attention to the guidelines and stated objectives of the program.  In many cases, the guidelines will stipulate the review criteria and the items that must be addressed.  Compose your narrative to address each of the goals/objectives/criteria given by the sponsor, and preferably in the same order as given in the guidelines.

As you complete a draft of the project narrative, you may want to have the Director, SPAR, review the narrative for compliance with grant guidelines and University policy issues.  This interim review may identify problem areas while there is still time to fiz them and meet the sponsor's deadline for submission.


If your project will involve the use of human subjects, animals or bio-hazard materials, obtain approval from the appropriate committee:
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
    Bio-Safety Committee

Budget Development
All cost associated with the project should be included in the proposed budget, and identified as either a request for funding from the sponsor or as a contribution from the University or other sources.  The source of funding for all University contributions must be identified prior to the proposal being submitted to the sponsor. Give careful consideration to the grant guidelines for items that may be included in the grant budget, funding limitations, matching requirements and the format of the budget presentation.

The Director, Sponsored Programs and Research, will assist you in the development of your budget.

Proposal Routing and Approvals
Once the proposal is ready for submission, complete the Grant Routing and Authorization form (GRA), which may be completed on line.  Print it and submit the proposal package to the Department Head and Dean for approval.  Once approved - submit the application package to the Director, SPAR.

The Director, SPAR, will review and approve the proposal and submit for signature of the Vice President and the President. You should allow a minimum of 1 week for the Director to review the proposal and obtain signatures.

The University President must approve all proposals prior to submission to sponsor agency.  In cases where the proposal is to be submitted electronically, a copy should be printed prior to submission and routed for approvals, and only once approved submitted to the Sponsor.

Proposal Submission
The Director, SPAR, will make all necessary copies of the proposal called for in the guidelines, with an extra copy for the Principal Investigator.   The Director will mail the proposal, unless the proposal must be hand delivered, in which case it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to deliver the grant.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure the grant is submitted to SPAR to allow sufficient time for review/approval and submission.

Electronic Submission: The Director will assist the principal investigator in the preparation of electronic submissions.  All electronic submissions must be approved by the President before submission is processed.

Sponsor Agency Contact: Once a proposal has been submitted, the principal investigator should not contact the sponsor agency.  Inquiries concerning status of the proposal should be discussed with the Director, SPAR and the Director will contact the sponsor.

Sponsor Notification of Action Taken
Notification of proposal award or proposal declined will normally be sent to the Principal Investigator.  Upon receipt of notification, contact the Director, SPAR. The original letter of acceptance must be kept in the official file for the project, which is maintained by the Grant Accountant.

If Award:  The Grant Accountant will establish an account on the University accounting records and work with the Principal Investigator in setting up the budget on-line. All fiscal reports will be submitted by the Grant Accountant, and may be prepared by the Grant Accountant at the Principal Investigator's request.

At all times, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that funds are expended in accordance with the Sponsor approved budget, documentation of expenditures is made to ensure accountability of expenditures and compliance with grant guidelines..

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