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Multi-Tiered Intervention

The multi-tiered approach has three levels of intensity which are coordinated to student needs based upon research-based interventions.  The three levels of intervention include the universal, supplemental, and intensive tiers. The universal tier (Tier 1) is comprised of 80-90% of the student population.  Tier 1 includes high quality core instruction.  Tier 2 is the supplemental tier and includes 5-15% of the student population. This tier includes evidence-based interventions of moderate intensity.  Tier 3 of the model is the intensive tier that that is comprised of 1-5% of the student population.  The intensive tier’s prevention level includes individualized interventions of increased intensity for students who show minimal response to tier two preventions. 


Tier One

- High quality

- Research based curriculum

- Instructional strategies

- Core instruction

   Tier Two

  - Supplemental instruction

  - Meet the needs of students not progressing

   Tier Three

   - More explicit instruction

   - Specific skill need





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