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Joining the Network

Being part of the Winthrop University-School Partnership Network means shared benefits to all parties. While type and level of engagement may differ by site, a commitment to the Partnership Network goals results in teacher growth and improved student achievement. To learn more about the Partnership Network, consider viewing the PowerPoint overview as well as the selection rubric used to assess new school applications.

The application process for new schools to join the Network occurs in December/January.

Partnership Network Levels

Professional Development School (PDS)

  1. Engages in unique and intense school-university collaboration
  2. Supports action research and inquiry projects
  3. Hosts professional learning opportunities for the Partnership Network
  4. Has at least two-thirds majority of the school's staff committed to the Partnership
  5. Receives a significant university presence from a Winthrop Faculty in Residence
  6. Hosts multiple field and internship experiences
  7. Provides additional support for teacher candidates
  8. Agrees to PDS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU for Sustaining PDS)

Partner Schools (PS)

  1. Engages in school-university collaboration through professional learning and research projects
  2. Has at least half of the school's staff committed to the Partnership
  3. Receives specialized support from the Rex Institute
  4. Hosts multiple field and internship experiences
  5. Agrees to PS Memorandum of Understanding

Content Area Assemblies (CAA)

  1. Supports individual high school and K-12 teachers
  2. Engages in collaboration specific to content area/field (e.g., English, art, etc.)
  3. Receives specialized support from university program coordinators and the Rex Institute
  4. Hosts multiple field and internship experiences
  5. Individuals interested in joining a CAA should apply through the Host/Mentor Teacher page

Satellite Schools are schools within the partnering districts not identified as PDS or PS, but with access to most professional learning opportunities. No application is necessary for identification as a Satellite School.

Application Materials

It is highly recommended that schools interested in joining the Partnership Network request a presentation for school staff on the benefits and commitments of the collaboration. If interest is maintained, schools submit the materials below to the Partnership Network office. Applications for new schools to join the Network are typically accepted in late fall for the next academic year.

  1. Application Cover Sheet (cover PDF for planning purposes)
  2. School Self-Audit (audit PDF for planning purposes)
  3. Principal Letter of Interest (email to Lisa Johnson at johnsonle@winthrop.edu once application cover and self-audit are submitted)

Application materials are reviewed using the selection rubric by a sub-committee of the Partnership Network Advisory Council.

Moving from Partner School to Professional Development School
At certain times, it is possible for a Partner School to apply to move to Professional Development School status. Schools interested in increasing their commitment to the PDS level should complete the online application. Applications due Friday, March 23.