Teacher Cadet Day

Teacher Cadet

Started in the 1980s by our own Jim Rex, the Teacher Cadet program provides an opportunity for high achieving, leadership-bound high school students to explore the teaching profession. Teacher Cadet is sponsored by the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement (CERRA). See an overview of the experience by viewing a sample course syllabus.

Although several universities across the state support Teacher Cadet programs, Winthrop Teacher Cadets are the BEST!

For more information about the Teacher Cadet program, visit http://teachercadets.com/ or email Winthrop's Teacher Cadet Coordinator, Ms. Patty Sparks (sparksp@winthrop.edu).

Winthrop University Teacher Cadet Program
Coordinaor - Ms. Patty Sparks
144 Withers Buildling