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Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review requires collaboration among various units and offices of the University and individuals from the community.  The planning of successful reviews involves shared responsibilities and includes all major stakeholders.  Further, the implementation of the findings of the process becomes a matter of mutual accountability.  The list of responsibilities below is a broad overview of actions to be completed during an Academic Program Review; it is not meant to be comprehensive in scope.

Division of Academic Affairs

Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA)

  • Reviews self-study report with college dean and associate VPAA.

  • Meets with the External Review Team (ERT) during an onsite review.

  • Meets with the AVPAA and college dean to review departmental and dean’s responses to reviewer's report and provides written response.

  • Attends the exit interview conducted by an ERT.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (AVPAA)

  • Oversees the APR process through the college dean and with the cooperation of the  program coordinator.

  • In concert with the deans, provides orientation and consultation to the self-study teams involved in the APR.

  • Monitors progress of the self-study.

  • Approves the APR schedule and any changes as requested by the dean and program coordinator.

  • Gives final approval to the lists of persons nominated to serve on the ERT.

  • Contacts the ERT to inform them of honorariums and procedures for travel and lodging.

  • Assists in the development of the itinerary for the on-site visit.

  • Meets with WU internal team members and the dean to review questions and issues raised by reviewers.

  • Attends the exit interview conducted by an External Review Team and receives ERT final report.

  • Approves changes to the Academic Program Review Guidelines.

Assistant to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

  • Develops a schedule for the visit of the ERT, in consultation with the AVPAA and the college dean.

  • Contacts members on the ERT to make arrangements related to travel and lodging.

  • Schedules meeting rooms and meals onsite for the ERT and all persons who will meet with them during the interview process.

  • Retains a copy of the program self-study, the external report and the action plan in the official online repository.

The Colleges


  • Identifies the programs to be reviewed and sets the schedule for their review in consultation with the VPAA, AVPAA, and academic program coordinators.

  • Participates in the planning and implementation of internal self-studies.

  • Approves the selection of the Internal Self-Study and Internal Review Committees and may recommend members for the ERT in conjunction with the academic program coordinator.

  • Identifies questions and focus areas to be addressed in the review in conjunction with the academic program coordinator.

  • Reviews and approves the internal self-study that is forwarded to the External Review Team through the Office of the AVPAA.

  • Reviews the final report and recommendations of the ERT.

  • Is responsible, in conjunction with the academic program coordinator, for integrating accepted ERT recommendations into the action plan describing the planning and budgeting process for the college.

  • Monitors progress of the self-study.

Program Coordinator

  • Recommends the chairperson and members for the Internal Self-Study Committee.

  • Nominates, in consultation with the dean and program faculty, the membership of the ERT using the criteria for selection of External Review Team.

  • Submits, for approval, a list of ERT nominees to the AVPAA through the college dean.

  • Coordinates the preparation of the internal self-study.  Approves and forwards the self-study to the Office of the AVPAA through the dean.

  • Monitors implementation of recommendations resulting from the internal self-study and the report of the ERT. Communicates progress regarding these recommendations to the dean as part of the annual report.

  • Provides transportation and escorts the ERT to and from the campus.

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