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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Faculty Salaries/ Deferred Payment
Policy Description
Nine-month faculty may elect to be paid either on a nine-month (18 installments) or a twelve-month (24 installments) basis. Paychecks are distributed on the 1st and 16th of each month, unless otherwise notified. When these dates fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the pay date is usually the preceding Friday. Paychecks (or pay stubs, if the employee has requested direct deposit) are distributed to departmental representatives by the Payroll Department on the specified pay date. Staff and faculty employees should consult with their supervisor regarding intra-departmental practices for obtaining paychecks or pay stubs. Most deductions, including mandatory deductions and those for benefits elected by the employee, are deducted from each paycheck in equal amounts, unless otherwise notified. The amount of mandatory deductions is determined by state, federal, and local regulations. The amount of voluntary deductions is determined by benefits election decisions made by the employee.
Policy Procedures
Salaries are reviewed annually by the department chair and the dean of the College or Library. The dean makes recommendations for appropriate increases to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Final determination is made by the President.

Additional compensation that is to be paid from any Winthrop University account to Winthrop faculty members for participation in special projects shall be paid as dual employment.

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Academic Affairs
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