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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Privacy of Educational Records
Policy Description
Winthrop University policy regarding access to student records (such as grades, grade-point ratios, and class rank) is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended, commonly know as "The Buckley Amendment." Under this law, students have the right to inspect and challenge the accuracy of information contained in their Winthrop educational records.

Also, these regulations restrict Winthrop to the release of certain records only to the student (current or former) and to certain other authorized school and government personnel, except with the student s prior written consent to release the records to another specified person. Without this consent to release the records to another specified person, Winthrop cannot release a student s records even to parents, except in one instance. Parents or guardians of a student may be given access to certain student records if the parents or guardians sign a statement in the Office of Records and Registration and provide proof that they have claimed the student as a dependent on their last federal income tax return.

Questions concerning Winthrop s policy for release of academic information should be directed to the Office of Records and Registration.

Policy Procedures
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