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Policy Title
Final Examinations
Policy Description
Final Examinations for Undergraduate Courses: The form of the final examination is determined by the instructor. However, a final examination, or comparable evaluation, should be administered in all classes. The exam period may not exceed two and one-half hours. The times and places of final examinations are officially scheduled by the Registrar and faculty are expected to adhere to the scheduled times.

The student and the instructor will be notified of a legitimate exam conflict if one or more of the following occurs: the student has more than one scheduled exam per period, the student has more than two examinations scheduled per day, or more than three examinations scheduled in any four consecutive periods.

Final Examinations for Graduate Courses: In 600-level courses, the class meets during examination week. However, it is left to the discretion of the instructor as to whether the two and one-half hour examination period is spent in an examination or in other class activities considered more useful. In 500-level courses, graduate students, at the discretion of the instructor, follow the same procedures as undergraduate students with regard to final examinations.

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Academic Affairs
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