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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Evaluation of Faculty Performance
Policy Description
Faculty members at Winthrop University participate in a variety of performance evaluation activities which are formative and summative in scope. The following criteria, as relevant to Winthrop' s mission and that of a faculty member s discipline, are incorporated into these activities: instruction/teaching, advisement and mentoring of students, graduate student supervision, supervision of other students (graduate assistants, independent study students), course/curriculum development, research/creative activities, activities which support the economic development of the region or the State, service to department, service to institution, service to community, participation in professional organizations/associations, honors, awards, and recognitions, self-evaluation, and participation in faculty development activities/programs.
Policy Procedures
While procedures within different academic units may vary, the University’s performance review system includes the following activities for all faculty members:

a) student evaluation (anonymously) of instruction according to a standard institutional process for each section taught;

b) faculty annual report addressing performance in instruction, scholarship, and service with evaluative comments and recommendations for development by department chair and dean; appeals procedures are available in each academic unit;

c) for tenure track faculty, a pre-tenure review (usually in the third year) based on internal peer evaluation with evaluative comments and recommendations by department chair and dean;

d) evaluation by peers form inside and outside the department for tenure track faculty (tenure review) and tenured faculty (post-tenure review).

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Academic Affairs
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