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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Changes within a Faculty Member's Primary Assignment
Policy Description
When necessary, a dean may wish to assign a faculty member certain duties which change the faculty member’s primary assignment. Based on the complexity of the job to be done and the time in which it must be done, the dean may use reassigned time, stipends, or any extended contract accommodation as compensation for the work to be done. If any of these forms of compensation are to be used, an appropriate level of consultation—including but not limited to the faculty member, his/her department chair, and his/her dean—will take place before the individual’s primary assignment is changed. Any changes must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Policy Procedures
In any situation that may require such a change in primary assignment, guidelines must be followed. There must be:
· Clearly stated requirements and expectations of and goals for the “position” or work to be done;
· Term stipulations, including guidelines for reappointment or continuation of assignment;
· An activity report (and/or assessment report when applicable) from the person in the position or completing the assignment;
· A performance evaluation based on expectations/goals; and
· Appropriate compensation (reassigned time and/or stipend and/or extended contract accommodation, depending on timing and complexity of the job to be done).
Policy Author(s)
Academic Affairs
Effective Date
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