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Library and Information Services

Policy Title
Use of Dacus Library by Area High Schools
Policy Description
Library facilities at Winthrop University are primarily for the use of students, faculty, administrative officers, and staff of the University.  As a security measure, a Winthrop University identification card or a scheduled appointment is required to enter Dacus Library.  Patrons must schedule an appointment in advance.
Borrowing privileges are limited to currently enrolled students, faculty, administrative officers, and staff except under the conditions listed below.
Policy Procedures
Special Borrowing Privileges:
Non-Winthrop patrons of college age or above may borrow materials under the following conditions:
  • IB Coordinators :
    IB Coordinators will be issued a borrower’s card to check out books.  Requests to check out Dacus materials must be made through the Reference Department.  Teachers assume all responsibility for the return of materials checked out.

  • Teacher Supervisors:
    Public school teachers who are supervising Winthrop education students in their field experience are granted check-out privileges for one semester.

  • Friends of Dacus Library:
    Anyone of college age or above who joins at the $50.00 or above level will be granted check-out privileges for the term of the membership. High School Class Instruction
    Teachers who are interested in having their students use Dacus Library, either individually for research or as a group for a field trip, must first contact the Coordinator of Library Instruction to determine if the assignment or instructional goal is appropriate for Dacus.  Every effort is made to accommodate outside educational pursuits while minimizing conflict with the research and class activities of Winthrop students.  High school teachers are encouraged to first utilize all the resources of their own media center and local public library. 
    All Others Not Covered Above
    Others who wish to use the library must make application by filling out the Dacus Research form, available at the library entrance or on the library’s web site.  Someone will be back in touch with you in 24 hours or the next business day.
Internal Control Considerations
Policy Author(s)
Ida Jane Dacus Library
Effective Date
August 2001
Review Date
January 2017
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