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Policy Title
After Hours Entry into Academic Buildings
Policy Description
Although the academic buildings are made secure at closing hours in the evening and on holidays, it is recognized that students may have legitimate needs to enter these buildings.
Policy Procedures
Students may be admitted to the academic buildings after normal class hours if their names appear on a roster supplied to the Campus Police by their department chair or dean, and provided they have in their possession a permit issued by the Campus Police.  However, no student who is alone may be admitted to Sims or Thurmond (safety precautions require that the student be accompanied by someone who will remain in the building with the student).
Students granted admission to an academic building after hours are obligated to notify Campus Police at the time of departure.

Internal Control Considerations
A student who enters an academic building with approval must not use this advantage to admit other students.  Security officers are authorized to evacuate any building wherein there has been an abuse of the privilege extended to a student.

Policy Author(s)
Academic Affairs
Effective Date
November 2009
Review Date
November 2009