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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Writing Composition Requirement
Policy Description
Beginning students should enroll in WRIT 101 during their first semester at Winthrop University and should complete WRIT 101, HMXP 102, and CRTW 201 early in their academic careers.
The Touchstone Core (ACAD 101, WRIT 101, HMXP 102, CRTW 201), collectively forms the basis of deeper learning and academic progress. The courses in the Core will acquaint students with academic writing and critical thinking and will build capacities that students will use throughout their university experience and their adult lives. Students who do not pass these courses with grades of C- or better by the time they have completed 75 earned hours will be limited to a maximum course load of 12 hours per semester and will not be permitted to enroll in courses above 299 until they have satisfied these requirements.
Policy Procedures

Students are monitored each semester by Records and Registration to ensure compliance.

Policy Author(s)
Faculty Conference
Effective Date
August 2004
Review Date
August 2004