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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Withdrawal from Winthrop University
Policy Description
Students who find it necessary to discontinue their college work during a semester or summer session should officially withdraw from the University.
A student who withdraws before the course withdrawal date of the semester receives grades of N for all courses. If the student stops attending after the withdrawal date of the semester, the student receives grades of F, U, or I, as the individual instructors deem appropriate. A student may withdraw after the course withdrawal deadline with documented extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances include the following: death of an immediate family member; traumatic and unforeseen circumstances which are considered beyond a student’s control; prolonged emotional instability, physical injury or illness which has resulted in the student’s inability to complete academic responsibilities; or a change in nonacademic employment beyond the student’s control. Documentation of such circumstances must be definitive and must be presented along with a request for withdrawal with the assignment of an N grade to the Registrar or his designee no later than the last day of classes for the semester in question. Failure to withdraw officially may seriously affect a student’s eligibility for future readmission or for transfer to another institution.
Policy Procedures
Undergraduate students who wish to initiate the withdrawal process should go to the Office of Records and Registration, 126 Tillman Hall, and complete a Withdrawal from the University form.  If the student has received Financial Aid, the student is directed to the Financial Aid Office for a signature in order that they may understand any implications for withdrawing.  The student is also asked to visit the Office of Student Financial Services for financial information and to obtain a representative’s signature as well.

Internal Control Considerations
Documentation is required for students withdrawing after the deadline.
Policy Author(s)
Faculty Conference
Effective Date
August 2006
Review Date
May 2015
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