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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Academic Suspension-Undergraduate
Policy Description
Students enrolled at Winthrop University must earn a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 in
order to avoid being placed on academic probation (or suspension).

Initial failure to meet the cumulative grade-point average results in probation. A subsequent violation in the
next fall or spring semester of enrollment results in first academic suspension for the immediately succeeding
regular academic semester and any intervening summer session. Students who are readmitted after suspension are
readmitted on academic probation. Failure to meet the specified minimum cumulative grade-point average during this
semester results in a second suspension for one calendar year. Readmission for a second time again places the student
on academic probation. Failure to achieve the specified minimum cumulative grade-point average after the second
suspension results in permanent dismissal from the University.

Credit earned at any other institution while a student is ineligible to enroll at Winthrop University cannot be
applied to any degree at Winthrop University.
Policy Procedures
Reviewed by Records and Registration.
Internal Control Considerations
The Office of Records and Registration monitors gpa at the end of each semester.
Policy Author(s)
Academic Council
Effective Date
August 2012
Review Date
September 2013