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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Repeating a Course
Policy Description
A student may repeat any course taken at Winthrop University or transferred to Winthrop for which he or she did not earn a grade of B or higher, or a grade of S.
Credit hours earned in a particular course taken at Winthrop will not be awarded more than one time, (unless the course has been approved for additional credit) and transfer credit for repeated courses will be forfeited. A student who enters Winthrop as a freshman is allowed a maximum of four repeated courses with grade exemption for any courses taken at Winthrop University for which he or she did not earn a grade of B or higher. Under this policy, the original grade earned in the course will be exempted from the calculation of the cumulative grade point average. Students who transfer to Winthrop with fewer than 40 semester hours of credit also are allowed the four course repeats with grade exemption; those with at least 40 and fewer than 70 hours are allowed three; those with at least 70 and fewer than 100 are allowed two; and those with 100 or more allowed only one repeated course for which the original grade may be exempted from the cumulative grade point average. The repeat exemptions will be automatically applied to courses as they are repeated up to the allowed number of repeat exemptions. Receiving a grade of U in a repeated course will not replace a previous attempt’s grade, but will utilize one of the repeat exemptions. Please note that repeat exemptions only apply to courses taken and retaken at Winthrop.
Internal Control Considerations
Records and Registration monitors course repeats through the Student Information System.
Policy Author(s)
Faculty Conference
Effective Date
August 2000
Review Date
February 2017
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