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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Undergraduate Grading
Policy Description
Testing procedures are generally guided by the following principles: a number of evaluations of students’ achievements should be made throughout any given semester; the instructor in each class is encouraged to base students’ final grades on at least four major evaluations; the instructor may require a combination of one-hour tests, written reports, oral reports, or appropriate performances on projects. Tests should be returned to students within a reasonable time. Students have a right to examine their own tests regularly in order to understand which items were answered incorrectly or inadequately. New Grading System Grades for courses taken for undergraduate credit are recorded as follows:

A  Excellent, achievement of distinction (4 quality points per semester hour).
A-   (3.67 quality points per semester hour)
B+   (3.33 quality points per semester hour)
B     Good, achievement above that required for graduation (3 quality points per semester hour).
B-    (2.67 quality points per semester hour)
C+   (2.33 quality points per semester hour)
C     Fair, minimum achievement required for graduation (2 quality points per semester hour).
C-   (1.67 quality points per semester hour)
D+   (1.33 quality points per semester hour)
D     Poor, achievement at a level below that required for graduation; must be balanced by good or excellent work in other        courses (1 quality point per semester hour).
D-   (.67 quality points per semester hour)
F     Failure, unsatisfactory achievement (no quality points).
S     Satisfactory achievement (Honors courses, B level or above; all others C level or above) on a course taken on a               satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
U     Unsatisfactory achievement (Honors courses, B- level or below; all others, C- level or below) on a course taken on a        satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
N     No Grade, indicating the student withdrew from the course
I      Incomplete, used only as a prefix to a letter grade. Assigning an incomplete grade indicates that, for a valid reason, the course has not been completed and that the instructor reserves the right to raise the grade if the incomplete work is completed within one year, or by an earlier date specified by the instructor. The grade to which I is prefixed is not used in computing the student’s GPA until the I prefix is removed and indicates the grade earned if no further work is performed. It is the grade in the course unless and until changed by the instructor
Policy Procedures
Instructors enter grades in Wingspan at the end of the semester.

Internal Control Considerations
Grades are entered into a password-protected system.
Policy Author(s)
Faculty Conference
Effective Date
Review Date
February 2017
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