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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Academic Dismissal-Graduate
Policy Description
The following policies apply to graduate non-degree and graduate degree students applying to the same or a new graduate program. Students wishing to be readmitted following a dismissal must wait at least one year before applying. (One year is defined as two semesters or one semester and one summer session.) During this period, they are ineligible for admission to any program at Winthrop University.

When students reapply following dismissal, they are responsible for assembling all credentials required for readmission by the appropriate academic unit. Students’ credentials are evaluated and the admission decision is made by the academic unit. These credentials must include a transcript of all work at Winthrop University prior to the dismissal.
Students who are readmitted after dismissal are readmitted on academic probation. Students who are readmitted to the same program area after dismissal must repeat courses in which they previously received grades below B in order to raise their cumulative grade-point average to the minimum acceptable standard. A student may repeat these courses regardless of prior
repetition attempts. However, a cumulative grade-point average below 3.0 after readmission will result in immediate dismissal.

Students changing degree programs or areas of concentration may petition for academic forgiveness if the courses in which they made a grade below a B are not required in the new program or area of concentration. Additional consideration may be made for academic forgiveness in the event of verifiable and documented extenuating circumstances. However, a cumulative grade-point average below 3.0 after readmission will result in immediate dismissal.
Internal Control Considerations
The Office of Records and Registration monitors gpa at end of each semester.
Policy Author(s)
Graduate Council
Effective Date
August 2013
Review Date
Not specified
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