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Faculty Governance

Policy Title
Writing Intensive Committee Guidelines and Policies
Policy Description
Purpose: The Writing Intensive Committee monitors the implementation of the intensive writing requirement, including the consideration and approval of courses that will fulfill the requirement.  The Committee is also responsible for revisions in the committee procedures and processes and shall make recommendations for changes in the intensive writing requirements.  The committee shall report to the General Education Curriculum Committee.

Committee Composition: The committee shall include seven members, who shall be appointed for two-year staggered terms by the Provost.  Three appointees shall be from the College of Arts and Sciences and one each from the other degree-granting colleges.  The General Education Committee shall make one recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs from its membership, who may be from any of the colleges.  One of the committee members shall be appointed chair by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Procedure for Nomination of a Writing Intensive Course: A department seeking a writing intensive course designation shall submit one copy of the following required documentation with appropriate signatures the the Chair of the Writing Intensive Committee:
a. A completed Writing Intensive Course Description Form (see Appendix A for Guidelines for Writing Intensive Courses and all forms.)
b. A completed Writing Intensive Course Nomination Form.  The course nomination form must include signatures from the department chair and the college dean.  The department chair's signature affirms that he/she has ascertained that the course - if taught in multiple sections - meets the guidelines and that all instructors agree that the attached description and syllabus are typical.
c. A course syllabus.  Submit only one representative syllabus if a course has multiple sections.

Procedures for Reviewing Course Nomination: The committee shall make its decision based on its adherence to the requirements set forth in the Writing Intensive Course Description and Nomination forms (see Appendix A).

Procedures for Reporting on Committee Recommendations: The chair of the committee shall report the recommendation of the committee to the chairs/deans who submitted the nomination, the Registrar, and the General Education Committee, for information purposes.  The Registrar shall be responsible for posting the information on relevant documents.

Annual Committee Report: The committee chair shall submit an annual report to the General Education Curriculum Committee outlining the activities and decisions of the Committee.
Policy Procedures
Internal Control Considerations
Effective Date
April 2013
Review Date
Not specified
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