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Student Life

Policy Title
Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
Policy Description
Winthrop University is an educational community committed to common standards of integrity and respect for all of its members. All members of the Winthrop community, guests, and visitors have the right to be free from sexual harassment and sexual misconduct; and such behavior will not be tolerated by the Winthrop community. Winthrop is committed to taking immediate, equitable, and effective actions to respond to sexual harassment and sexual misconduct to prevent its reoccurrence and to address its effects. For purposes of this Policy, sexual misconduct is always considered a form of sexual harassment; and the term sexual misconduct is used unless there is a specific reference to sexual harassment as defined in the Code of Student Conduct. Sexual misconduct can occur in many relationships and may involve, “… offensive touching; non-consensual sexual assault; forced sexual assault; stalking; or sexual exploitation and other sexual misconduct violations” (Winthrop Student Handbook, Student Conduct Code, page 37).
This behavior interferes with the educational mission of the University by:
• Endangering the physical and emotional safety of community
• Damaging trust in the community,
• Offending the dignity and violating the autonomy of community
members, and
• Disrupting the academic progress of victims or survivors
during their recovery.

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to provide students and other members of the university community a description of how the university will respond when a student or another person reports an incident of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct: intermediate actions that will be taken to ensure the safety of students, the procedures that will be followed to investigate the allegation, the breadth of sanctions that could be imposed if there is a finding of responsibility, protections that will be afforded to the complainant and to the respondent, and the relationship of this Policy with all other university policies dealing with a similar subject matter.
Policy Author(s)
Vice President for Student Life
Effective Date
June 2012
Review Date
January 2016
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