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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Awarding Degrees and Commencement Exercises
Policy Description
Degrees are awarded three times a year, at the end of each Fall and Spring semester and at the end of the summer
session. Commencement exercises are held only twice a year, in December and in May. The program for the December
commencement lists the names of all students who completed degrees during the preceding summer session, as well as
those who were degree candidates during the Fall semester. The program for the May commencement lists the names of
those students who were degree candidates during the Spring semester. Only students who have completed all degree
requirements may participate in the commencement ceremony.

Students who complete degrees during the Fall and Spring semesters and desire to graduate in absentia should
submit a written notification to the Office of Records and Registration as soon as they know they are not attending
commencement exercises.
Policy Author(s)
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Effective Date
August 2006
Review Date
December 2011