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Policy Title
ADA Compliance Policy for Students
Policy Description
Winthrop University upholds the rights of enrolled students with disabilities to secure academic accommodations and access to campus programs and services in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), ADA Amendments Act of 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

These acts protect persons with disabilities from discrimination associated with access to or participation in university programs and services. The following policy has been developed to protect the rights of students with disabilities and to assure Winthrop University compliance. For additional information regarding the ADA, you may visit the ADA web site:

The ADA Compliance Officer has been designated by the university to administer ADA compliance efforts. To ensure prompt resolution of complaints, students should contact the ADA Compliance Officer within thirty (30) calendar days of the event giving rise to the complaint, or the date the student became aware of the event, which ever occurred later. Students should initiate a complaint by contacting the ADA Compliance Officer in the Office of Disability Services:

Tina E. Vires, M.Ed.
Program Director, Office of Accessibility
ADA Compliance Officer
Crawford 106
Policy Procedures
The ADA Compliance Officer will, at the request of the student, review the issue(s) and seek to resolve the matter informally. If the complaint remains unresolved, the student will be provided with the ADA Compliance Complaint Form. Students should complete the Complaint Form and file it with the Compliance Officer within fifteen (15) days of receiving the form. After receiving the completed Complaint Form, the Compliance Officer will conduct a formal review and will issue a written decision no later than 30 days after its filing.  

If the complaint remains unresolved, the student may appeal the decision of the ADA Compliance Officer by resubmitting the complaint form, within 15 days of receiving the Compliance Officer’s decision, to the ADA Coordinator/Vice President for Student Life, for a final review. In this case, the student must present in writing the reasons for this final appeal outlining issues of the ADA Compliance Officer acting arbitrarily, capriciously, or in bad faith. The ADA Compliance Officer/Vice President for Student Life will issue a final, written decision generally within 30 days of this new filing. If additional time is necessary, the complainant will be notified in writing, prior to the 30-day expiration period.

The university’s internal procedures are designed to ensure a timely and effective resolution to student complaints. Although students have the right to pursue appeals through external channels, they are encouraged to use the university’s internal procedures prior to lodging complaints with agencies outside the university.
Confidentiality: Any information regarding the filing of a complaint, the investigation of the complaint, and the disposition of the complaint shall be treated confidentially and will be disclosed only as needed in the furtherance of resolution.  Unauthorized breaches of confidentiality may result in disciplinary action.
Retaliation: Civil rights regulations prohibit institutions from retaliating against anyone who files a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights, the Department of Education, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the U.S. Department of Justice, or because they assist or take part in a subsequent investigation.

Federal contacts:
U. S. Department of Education (Office for Civil Rights) - (800) 421-3481
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – (800) 669-4000 voice (800) 669-6820 TTY
U. S. Department of Justice – (800) 514-0301
Policy Author(s)
Office of Accessibility; VP of Student Life; Prior Date of Review: November 2015
Effective Date
January 2016
Review Date
October 2016
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