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University Relations

Policy Title
Web Policy
Policy Description
Winthrop University recognizes the educational value and societal significance of the World Wide Web, and so supports faculty, staff, and students in the electronic publication of information. In order to enhance the mission of Winthrop University, many academic and administrative units - including their departments, organizations, and societies - publish Web pages. In addition, individual faculty, staff, students, and student organizations may publish unofficial and/or personal Web pages. Such pages must not be used for business or personal gain.
Policy Procedures
This policy applies to all official Web pages that make use of the Winthrop University computing and network facilities for access to the Internet, whether or not these pages are linked to the Winthrop University homepage.
Internal Control Considerations
See full policy link listed below.
Policy Author(s)
University Communications and Marketing; Computing and Information Technology | Prior Date of Review: July, 2009
Effective Date
April 2000
Review Date
October 2016