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Information Technology

Policy Title
Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources
Policy Description
The Winthrop University community understands that information technology has become an integral resource in fulfilling our mission of teaching, learning, research, public service, and administrative responsibilities. The University therefore encourages students, faculty, and staff to acquire computer literacy and technological skill. Computers and networks empower us openly to find, consider, and disseminate information developed at Winthrop and elsewhere, to communicate and collaborate with others near and far, and to build the technological skills base on which the twenty-first century depends. With this empowerment, however, comes commensurate responsibility. Each of us is obliged to support and abide by the ethical and legal standards that apply to information technology, including rights of authorship, confidentiality, privacy, and dissemination. In doing so, we respect the codes of honesty, integrity, and intellectual freedom upon which institutions of higher learning rely.
Policy Procedures
See full policy at link listed below.
Policy Author(s)
ad hoc Committee on Appropriate Use of Information Technology
Effective Date
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