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Academic Affairs

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Committee Responsibilities and Legal Exposure
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Participation on committees requires considerable professional judgment and responsibility as well as a dedication to the best interests of Winthrop University.  Membership on committees which report to Faculty Conference carries with it a direct charge to act in the best interests of the University community and to maintain open and full communication with Faculty Conference.  At the same time, most committees deal with issues that must remain confidential; it is incumbent upon the committee members to maintain complete confidentiality in these cases.  This is of particular concern with respect to those persons serving on committees within the tenure and promotion process.


Winthrop University recognizes the value of the service provided by those persons serving on committees.  Both committee participation and teaching bring with them legal exposure.  For this reason, Winthrop University provides for its faculty, coverage under a tort liability insurance policy and, for committee chairs and committee members in particular, coverage under a directors and officers reimbursement indemnity policy.  Additional information is on file in the Office of Risk Management.  Persons involved with committee responsibilities should be aware of the nature of this coverage.


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Academic Affairs
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May 2010