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Policy Title
Policy and Procedure for Requesting Printout/Labels of Winthrop University Alumni Names, Addresses, and/or Phone Numbers
Policy Description
The Alumni Association of Winthrop University supports the Winthrop University policy regarding the distribution of Winthrop University alumni names, addresses, and phone numbers in either/both label or list from.
Policy Procedures
All requests for alumni names, addresses and phone numbers in either label or list form are to be submitted in writing to the Executive Director of Alumni Relations no less than two weeks prior to the date needed by the party making the request. The written request should state the specific reason for the list/labels and should provide a copy of the mailing when list/labels are requested.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Director of Alumni Relations to coordinate mailings to alumni regardless of the respective purpose of the mailing, i.e.: surveys, questionnaires, newsletters, etc.
No list should be disseminated when the intent is to:

1. Place the names, addresses, phone numbers, on a computer separate from the current alumni computer storage;
2. Market a non-Winthrop product to Winthrop alumni;
3. Raise funds for any purpose other than those coordinated through the Winthrop University Development Office.

Policy reaffirmed by the Executive Board of the Winthrop University Alumni Association at their meeting on June 26, 1998.
Policy Author(s)
Alumni Association of Winthrop University
Effective Date
Not specified
Review Date
May 2005