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Library and Information Services

Policy Title
Access Policy Regarding Students Attending For-Profit College or Universities
Policy Description
The Ida Jane Dacus Library is designed to meet the needs of matriculated students, and for the faculty and staff of Winthrop University. The tuition of Winthrop students, in addition to library fees, enables the library to purchases materials to meet the needs of students who attend this university.

Winthrop University is happy to share the largess of its knowledge access with other students. Access for our own students is primary. We cannot and will not compromise their access to these materials that are rightly their own, and to which we reserve the right to provide primary access.
Policy Procedures
Students who attend for-profit institutions, or students attending online programs at out-of-state institutions, will be charged an access fee of $100 dollars. The access card is good for six months (6). If additional time is needed, access cards may be renewed in six month increments for $50 annually thereafter. Access cards needed for one day and up to 30 days may be purchased for $25, renewable at the same price.
Policy Author(s)
Dacus Library
Effective Date
June 2010
Review Date
March 2010