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University Committees

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University Priorities Committee
Policy Description
(Committee of the Faculty Conference) This committee shall be responsible for meeting at least three times each year with the Executive Officers of the University to provide a combined faculty perspective on admissions policy, planning, objective setting, and resource allocation, as well as other areas of common concern.

The committee shall consist of eight members: one member elected from each of the degree-granting colleges, one member elected from the Library faculty, one member elected from the faculty of University College, and one member elected by the Graduate Faculty Assembly. The Chair of the Faculty Conference shall serve as an ex officio member with vote. The Chair of the committee shall attend open meetings of the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.

If this committee believes that a financial exigency is imminent, it shall communicate this opinion promptly to the Faculty Conference and to the administration. The authority for declaring a financial exigency resides with the President. If the President declares a financial exigency or deems a financial exigency to be imminent, two untenured members of Faculty Conference shall be elected to the committee by the Faculty Conference to serve until the end of the exigency. The enlarged committee shall participate in the emergency-related deliberations that take place above the level of the major academic divisions, including those relating to how academic programs and teaching service areas at Winthrop University shall be affected. See also Appendix II, Termination Due To Financial Exigency. For Faculty By-laws go to Policy Link 1.

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