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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Summer Salary
Policy Description
I. Enrollments and compensation
A.  Enrollment of 12 students in a three-hour course results in 7.5% for an assistant professor,
associate professor and full professor. Minimum compensation for a three-hour class with 12
students will be $3100. Compensation for lecturer/ part time faculty/adjunct will be $3100
regardless of the number of students above 12.

B.  Enrollment of at least 8 students results in salary based on current rank.
1. Professor: $3200
2. Assoc. Prof.: $2800
3. Asst. Prof: $2400
4. Instructor/Lecturer $2300

C.  For courses with 9 to 11 students, add $200 per student to the salary scale in B above
up to, but not to exceed, 7.5% or $2900 for lecturer/part time faculty/adjunct.

D.  Faculty teaching in “B” term will receive 9.0% for the first course with at least
12 students and 7.5% for a second “B” term course with at least 12 students. The minimum compensation for a “B” term course with at least 12 students will be $3500. In “B” term courses with at least 8 students the salary guidelines in Section 1B apply, and a “B” term supplement of $400 will be added.  For “B” term courses with 9 to 11 students, the “B” term supplement of $400 will be added, and an additional $200 per student between 9 and 11 will be added.

II. Laboratory courses
One credit hour, three contact-hour laboratory courses.
1. Enrollment of 5 students gets $1300.
2. From 6 to 12 students, add $200 for each student to a maximum salary of $2500.

III. Other issues:
A.  Internships: Internships require flexibility within colleges and departments. The nature
and requirements of internships differ greatly among the various colleges and departments, so an institution-wide policy seems inappropriate. Pay for internship supervision must be fair and
equitable relative to other summer activities and associated compensation.

B.  Essential low enrollment offerings: (certain graduate courses/seminars, etc.) Certain
upper-division and graduate courses are essential for a number of students, but they will not meet the minimum enrollment required for full pay. Department chairs must work with deans to be fair in setting compensation for such courses. Within each department, consideration must be given to what else the faculty member is teaching, how many low enrollment courses the department is offering, how many high enrollment courses the department is offering, etc.

C.  Determining course enrollment. Students are eligible for full refund on the first day of a
term and partial refund through the first few days. In order to fix compensation at a reasonable
time, enrollment in a course is defined as the number of students on the roll at the end of the
third day of the term (not the third day of class, but the third day of the term). The policy is
the same for A, B, C, and D terms. For the myriad other “terms” deans will have discretion to
establish enrollment and corresponding compensation.

D.  Relationship of new summer salary policy to compensation for regular faculty for overloads during the academic year. This new policy does not relate to regular-term overloads and other activities for which stipends have been based on the summer pay scale. Compensation for overloads will continue to be based on the existing scale of compensation based on faculty rank.
Policy Author(s)
Academic Leadership Council
Effective Date
Not specified
Review Date
March 2015
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