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Student Life

Policy Title
Accommodations and Services for Students with Disabilities
Policy Description
Accommodations are reasonable adjustments to the classroom and campus that help students have equal access to their education at Winthrop. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis considering the limitations caused by the disability as documented by a qualified health services provider. Based on the student s documentation, they may be eligible for a variety of accommodations, including but not limited to:

Accessible Computers

Accessible Desks and Tables

Accessible Residence halls

Braille and Large Print

Learning Assistance (study skills and time management)


Priority Registration

Professor Notification

Reader/Scribe Services

Sign-Language Interpreters

Tape Recorders

Test-Taking Accommodations

Text Telephone Devices (TTD) for Persons Who Are Hearing Impaired

Policy Procedures
Independence is the primary goal in providing services for students with disabilities, and students are encouraged to use services as a support to accomplish their academic goals. Students should be aware that while accommodations are intended to remove barriers to learning, they do not ensure success.
Policy Author(s)
Director, Health and Counseling Services
Effective Date
Not specified
Review Date
August 2014