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Student Life

Policy Title
Accommodations and Services for Students with Disabilities
Policy Description
Accommodations are reasonable adjustments to the classroom and campus that provide students with equity access to education at Winthrop. Accommodations are determined via an interactive process, case-by-case, involving the student, any history of accommodations, evidence of a positive connection between the requested accommodation and the limitations of any major life activity, as well as appropriate documentation.  Reasonable accommodations determined via this process may include, but are not limited to: Accessible computers and assistive technology, accessible classrooms, accessible residence halls, Braille and large print, note-takers and/or recording devices, priority registration, reader/scribe, sign-language interpreters, testing accommodations, assistive listening devices, electronic textbooks, emotional support animals, etc.
Policy Procedures
Equity of access and independence are the primary goals in providing accommodations for students with disabilities. Students should be aware that while accommodations are intended to remove barriers to learning, they do not ensure success.
Policy Author(s)
Program Director, Office of Disability Services
Effective Date
August 2008
Review Date
November 2015