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Academic Affairs

Policy Title
Proposals on New and Revised Degree Programs, Options, and Off-Site Offering of Existing Degrees
Policy Description
The Board of Trustees and the administration of Winthrop University require internal review and approval of new academic programs. This policy outlines the format, the calendar and the approval requirements for new program proposals, in addition to program modifications and offering programs at off-campus locations.

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) approves new programs using the following procedures: submission of a Program Planning Summary, optional review by an advisor at CHE offices in Columbia, then submission of a Full Program Proposal. The Planning Summary must be approved by the CHE Advisory Committee on Academic Programs (ACAP). The final proposal must be approved by ACAP, the CHE Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing (CAAL), then the full commission. (All Winthrop University programs must go through the Liaison to CHE/SACS through the Office of Academic Affairs.)

Notification to and approval from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools must be received to offer degree programs at new off-campus locations or to offer degree programs at a different level than what is currently approved.

Policy Procedures
The Program Planning Summary (PPS) should contain: justification of the proposed program; anticipated program demand and productivity; assessment of possible duplication with other programs; relationship to other programs; relationship to other programs at other institutions; information about faculty credentials; costs broken down into new cost vs. redirected cost summaries; and total cost summaries. A cover letter for the proposal from the President of the University to the executive director of the CHE is prepared by Academic Affairs after review of the planning summary.

Deans should notify the Office of Academic Affairs of the intention to develop a Program Planning Summary well in advance of submitting the letters for internal review and approval. Once the Program Planning Summary has been written, the dean of the college where the program resides submits the PPS to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs for review and approval no less than six weeks prior to the date the PPS will be submitted to the CHE. The VPAA may reject a Program Planning Summary. The Office of Academic Affairs will submit the cover letter to the President for final review and signature. Submission of a Program Planning Summary to the CHE in no way commits Winthrop University to the new program but simply signals the intention of the University to develop a new program within three years. Full administrative and faculty review and approval must take place prior to the implementation of any new academic program.
Policy Author(s)
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Effective Date
Review Date
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