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Policy Title
Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Plans
Policy Description
The purpose of this policy is to establish the procedures to be followed by the student body, faculty, and staff in the event of a terrorist attack using a weapon of mass destruction. Implementation of these procedures whenever necessary should minimize loss of life, injury and disruption of scheduled activities.

A terrorist attack will likely come without warning. The best way to prepare for a terrorist attack or any emergency is to have an emergency plan in place. The Winthrop Police Department recognizes the terrorist threat and believes all members of the campus community must work in partnership to ensure everyone’s safety.
Policy Procedures
A terrorist attack will likely come without any warning. The following specific actions will be taken to ensure the safety of Winthrop University student body and staff: Preparation, During the Incident, After the Incident.

Information and Description of Terrorists Threats: Chemical Threats, Biological Threats, Radiological Threats, Nuclear Threats, Explosive Threats, Characteristics of Suspicious Packages and Envelopes, and Handling of Suspicious Packages or Envelopes.

Specific guidelines alluding to each threat are in the website.
Policy Author(s)
Campus Police
Effective Date
Not specified
Review Date
January 2016