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Public Safety

Policy Title
Bomb Threats
Policy Description
In the event a bomb threat occurs on campus, the community will follow procedures established by the university.
Policy Procedures
If you receive a bomb threat by phone:

1. Remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller.
Possible questions to ask the caller include:

When is the bomb going to explode?

Where is the bomb located?

What kind of bomb is it?

What does it look like?

Why was the bomb placed there?

Also, note the sex, ethnic background, and age of caller, if possible. Be aware of the caller’s voice and any background noises.

2. After all possible information has been obtained, call Campus Police at 803/323-3333. Inform the dispatcher of the situation, including any information you may have obtained from the caller.

3. Follow the instructions given by Campus Police.

If you are informed of a bomb threat:

1.Make a casual inspection of your area for suspicious objects. If you see a suspicious object, do not disturb it. Call Campus Police immediately at 803/323-3333.

2.Evacuate the building per the “Building Evacuation” guidelines.
Policy Author(s)
Campus Police
Effective Date
January 2005
Review Date
October 2016