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Policy Title
Policy Description
A tornado watch means that tornadoes are possible.

A tornado warning means that a tornado has been sighted somewhere in the warning area. Usually the warning sirens will sound.
Policy Procedures
1.If indoors, quickly seek shelter in the lowest level of the building, preferably in an interior hallway or room. If time does not permit, go to the safest area of the room you are in, usually the inside wall, farthest away from doors and windows.

2.Doors to rooms should be closed.

3.Take shelter underneath a desk or other piece of heavy furniture. Assume a fetal position to protect your head and eyes.

4.If outdoors, immediately seek shelter, if available. Otherwise, take cover in the nearest ditch or depression, away from power lines, buildings and trees. Do not remain in a vehicle or a non-permanent structure or attempt to outrun a tornado.

5.After the tornado has passed, evaluate your situation and if you need emergency assistance, call Campus Police at 803/323-3333 or 911.

6.Be aware of any structural damage around you, and if needed leave the building per the “Building Evacuation” guidelines.
Policy Author(s)
Campus Police
Effective Date
January 2005
Review Date
October 2016