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University Committees

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Student Electronic Media Board
Policy Description
The Student Electronic Media Board oversees student-produced electronic media transmitted by university facilities on or off campus by approving policy and procedures, appointments of student managers and faculty supervisors, and reviewing complaints against student productions as well as reviewing proposals. The Board oversees the student radio station WINR and Winthrop Close-Up video magazine. The Provost appoints for one-year terms a faculty member whose specialty is broadcasting, a faculty member whose specialty is not broadcasting, one Arts and Sciences faculty member, one faculty or staff member at large, one broadcast professional, the Provost (or designee), and one student who is a broadcast major. One student-at-large is appointed by the Chair of CSL for a one-year term. All serve as voting members of the Board. The President appoints one member as a voting chair. Ex-officio, nonvoting members are the Department Chair of Mass Communication, Faculty Supervisor and the Student Station Manager of WINR Radio, Faculty Supervisor and the Student Executive Producer of Winthrop Close-Up.
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Academic Affairs
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