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Policy Title
Internal Program Evaluation
Policy Description
Internal program evaluation, a process dealing with the addition, modification, internal suspension or termination of a program, is designed to result in a combination of programs for Winthrop University that uses resources effectively and efficiently. (Amended by Faculty Conference, 02-16-01) Providing the right programs which meet high quality standards at a reasonable cost is our goal. The practice related to internal program evaluation shall reflect the participatory spirit embodied in sections dealing with: 1) Curriculum Revision; 2) Academic Council; 3) Graduate Council; and 4) Financial Exigency (Appendix II). Faculty and administration acknowledge the responsibility to use effectively the University s resources and in consultation to conduct periodic internal evaluations of programs. These evaluations may be necessitated by factors such as accrediting agencies and their standards, CHE, and market indicators as well as the University s changing mission and financial situations. Such evaluations will involve faculty participation at the program level and proceed through the college committee structures seeking appropriate input and perspective. (See Figure 3, located at end of Faculty Manual text, Amended by Faculty Conference, 02-16-01)

Criteria used for internal program evaluation shall begin with an understanding of the relationship of the program under evaluation to the department s mission as defined by the department. Additional criteria shall include information such as CHE minimum standards for degree productivity, accrediting agency standards, significant trends related to individual degree programs, continuing student interest, and Winthrop s ability to provide resources appropriate to quality programs. Quantitative and qualitative data which relate to the mission of the University and its academic units will be used in these internal program evaluations.
Policy Author(s)
Faculty Conference
Effective Date
January 2007
Review Date
January 2007
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