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University Committees

Policy Title
Graduate Council
Policy Description
The Graduate Council is responsible to the Graduate Faculty Assembly for reports and recommendations on academic policies, programs, and regulations peculiar to the graduate program. The Graduate Council is responsible for calling special meetings of the Graduate Assembly and recommending changes in the organization and procedures of the Assembly to the Faculty Conference. The voting members of the Graduate Council also serve as the Graduate Petitions Committee. Membership in the Graduate Council is by appointment by the Provost and election from each academic college; a nonvoting representative is selected by the Winthrop Library faculty. The Dean of the Graduate School serves as a member, without vote. The graduate faculty member to service on the Committee on University Curriculum shall serve as a member, without vote. The President of the University shall appoint three voting members of Graduate Council, each from a different major academic division of he University. Voting members serve three years. The chair is elected to a one-year term by the voting members, and must have served on the Council at least one year. The voting members elect a Vice Chair from among their own members each year. A representative of the Graduate School office serves as an ex officio member and Secretary, without vote.
Policy Author(s)
Graduate Faculty Assembly
Effective Date
April 2007
Review Date
January 2017
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