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There are three deliveries made to the campus Post office from the USPS, on Monday through Friday morning. The first delivery arrives at 7:00am and the last at approximately 9:30 am. The postal staff arrives at 7:00 am to begin sorting incoming mail.

Winthrop University Post Office deliveries and pick-ups are made to departments on campus from 10:00 am until 11:45 am daily. There is a box in front of the Presidents office, which has the mail picked up at 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday. This box is meant for no more than 20 pieces of mail per department. If a department has a mailing for the afternoon pick-up which consists of more than 20 pieces, please contact us at 2293, and we will arrange to come to your office at 2:00 to pick it up...

All student mail is boxed by 10:00 am except for parcels whose notices are boxed as soon as they are received throughout today.

The post office service window is open from 8:30am until 3:15pm daily, Monday through Friday. We are here to assist you with both your department needs and your personal needs. The contract monies allotted to us by the USPS for servicing this contract is determined by the amount of stamp sales and money order fees sold through our window. This money goes into the Winthrop general account. The higher the sales, the more money we will be able to negotiate for when our contract with them is renegotiated, so your sales are very important to Winthrop. Please allow us to assist you in your postal purchases. Of course, our new location in the Digiorgio  Center is also very convenient.

Although in the past departments were only able to obtain 2 rolls of stamps per purchase, due to an increase in our funds, we can now allow your department to purchase an unlimited amount, all we ask is a phone call before you come for orders over two rolls, so we can have them waiting for you, when you come to pick them up.

Outgoing mail is picked up by the Rock Hill Post Office at 1:00 pm and at 3:30pm. All mail received by 3:15pm will be processed and picked up on the same day.



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