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Student Information

Welcome to the Winthrop University Post Office information guide. Your University Post Office is located in the ground floor of the Digiorgio Center. We are a USPS contract station, offering, with a few exceptions, all the service that can be obtained through a USPS postal window.

Window Service and Delivery Times

The Post Office window is opened for business Monday through Friday. The hours are 8:30am until 3:15 pm. We leave the window opened an additional 10 minutes, from 3:15 until 3:25 for additional parcel pick up service, but we cannot conduct postal business in this time period.

PO Box users can expect their letter mail to be boxed by 10:00 am. Parcels arrive at different times throughout the day and they are boxed as soon as they are processed and an E-mail is sent to you. You may be picked up your parcel as soon as you retrieve your notice from your box. Our last delivery for independent parcel services such as UPS is usually between 2:30pm and 3:00pm.

Postal Services Available

Purchasing of stamps Ė You may purchase postage by the individual stamp, book, roll, or mixed denominations.

Special Services-Certified, Insured, Delivery Confirmation, Delivery Signature, Priority (packaging available), Parcel post, Airmail, and Money Orders can be obtained through the Winthrop Post Office window.

Picture ID is required to pick-up any mail you have received a notice for, this includes oversized article notices and special service notices such as certified. There are no exceptions to this requirement. You are required to bring both your ID and your notice.Your Winthrop ID, Drivers License, Photo Credit Card, Photo work ID or similar identification verifying your name and a photo are permitted.

Money Orders - Can be purchased at our window from 8:30am until 2:30pm.  The Winthrop University Post Office is only permitted to cash Money Orders which to not exceed $25.00.  Larger amounts may be cashed at one of the local USPS offices.  Two forms of ID are required when cashing a money order.

 Package Service - Parcels may be mailed from the University PO. Priority Mail packaging can be obtained for free at the PO window, this includes International Priority Service.  We also carry Priority Flat Rate packaging.  Any articles going any alternative service, (ex: media mail) must come wrapped and ready for mailing. 

Passports - Passports cannot be applied for through the USPS in Rock Hill.  You can apply for a passport at the Clerk of Courts office in Rock Hill.

Obtaining and Relinquishing a Post Office Box

All resident students are expected to have a Post Office box on campus, as no letters or packages are delivered to resident locations. If you are a resident student, and did not receive a PO Box,in wingspan, please come to the Post Office window at the Digorgio student center, on the bottom floor, and we will be happy to assign you your box.  Your PO Box and combination can be found on Wingspan, under your personal information, after you are assigned a residence.

After the semester is declared, we ask that if mail is incorrectly boxed in your box, please bring it to the post office window area, or if we are not opened, drop it in the Campus Mail slot located at the first opening just past the windows on the right  The campus slot is there for your convenience. There is also a slot for First Class mail in the same area. If you have mail intended for a department on campus or a chartered organization, it can be sent free of charge. Correspondence to another student does require postage as student boxes are regulated by the US Postal service.

Your post office box is free to you as long as you are a resident student on campus. If you leave Winthrop or move off campus for any reason, it is your responsibility to inform us of your new address. As soon as you are removed from the resident list, your box will be closed, and your mail will be forwarded to the last address we have on file for you. Boxes are assigned at random, and only married couples are assigned to the same box.
How to Use Your Post Office Box Combination

Instructions for using your combination can be found on the Postal bulletin board that is located next to the Post Office window. If we are not opened, and you do not understand the instructions, ask anyone using their box if they would explain them to you and remember to return the favor in the future. Here are combination instructions.

Combination Instructions







Non- Resident Students

Non-resident students may not be assigned a Winthrop Post Office box.  All other postal services are available To non resident students,, faculty and staff.

Moving Off Campus

If you move off campus, it is your responsibility to bring us an alternative address or your mail will be forwarded to the address we have in the system, which is usually your permanent address. Please be aware that your Winthrop PO box cannot be changed on Wingspan. This is so that we are made aware of your move and release your box for reassignment. If you do not plan on returning to Winthrop the following semester, please inform us so that we can free your box for reassignment. If you forget to stop by and inform the Winthrop Post Office that you have moved off campus, you may go to your local United States Post Office and obtain a change of address form, fill it out and mail it to the Post Office here at Winthrop, addressed to Postmaster, Rock Hill, 29733.

After Hour Handling of Parcel or Mail Requiring a Signature

If you are unable to retrieve mail that either required a signature or is to large for your PO box during our window hours, you may give your ID to a friend, and they can pick-up your item for you unless the item has restricted delivery that requires your signature. If you are unable to give your ID to someone, a call to the post Office at 323-2293, will help us make arrangements to get your special handled mail to you

Problems With Your Mail Service

If at anytime during the school year you feel there is a problem with the handling of your mail, please donít hesitate to come to the Post Office window and let us help you pinpoint and correct the problem. If a piece of mail in mistakenly placed in your PO box please  either drop it in the Campus Mail Slot, or bring it to the Post Office window, so we can give it proper handling. Please remember mishandling of mail is a Federal offense.

Please donít hesitate to give us an opportunity to assist you with any of your postal related questions. Either come to our window in Digorgio Center, E-mail the director at or  contact us at 323-2293.

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