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Service Endorsements Reference Chart - Ancillary Services


Priority Mail
First Class
Standard Mail
Package Service
Address Service Requested no charge weighed fee Postage due charge
Return Service Requested no charge First Class rate Return postage charged
Change Service Requested $.50 weighed fee $weighed fee
Forwarding Ser Requested no charge no charge for 1 year Forwarded, no charge a fee is charged for notice of change to sender(see attached)
No Endorsement no charge cannot be sent Forwarded, no charge



Undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail is forwarded, returned to sender, or treated as dead mail as authorized for the particular mail class.  A mailer endorsement is used to instruct the Postal Service regarding the mail piece's appropriate disposition upon determining that it is UAA.  On First-Class Mail service, the following endorsements may be used as an updating method to meet the move update standard:

Returned Service Requested.

If UAA, the mail piece is returned with the new address or reason for non-delivery; no charge.


 Address Service Requested.

        *Months 1-12: the mail piece is forwarded: no charge a separate notice of the new address is provided; an address correction fee is charged.

       *Months 13-18: the mail piece is returned with the new address attached: no charge

       *After month 18 or if undeliverable: the mailpiece is returned with reason fo nondelivery attached; no charge.








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