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Implementation Narrative

Joining the NetSCOPE Partnership Network

2013-2014 Partnership Network Schools

NetSCOPE Research and Inquiry Grant Program

Partnership Network Advisory Council

Network Management Team

Education Core Curriculum

Mentor Criteria and Selection Process

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Partnership Conference for Educational Renewal

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Teachscape Reflect


Video Capture Request


How It Works

Technical Support


Creating and Sharing Clips - In order for you to share videos (either an entire video or just a segment), you need to create a clip then share with colleagues and/or classes.  If you need a class user name created, please contact Paul Horne at


Capture & Upload Instructions


1. Teacher inputs video data:

Field 1 (Capture Title): Standard and Indicator, if content-based lesson (i.e. Social Studies 4.1.4); Lesson Topic, if not content-based lesson (i.e. classroom rules, procedures, centers)

Field 2 (Workspace): School Name

Field 3 (TXL Account): School Name

Field 4 (Subject): Content Area or “Career” (if no applicable option)

Field 5 (Grade): Grade Level

Field 6 (Comments): Enter from list of available TAGS:


Activating Prior Knowledge Manipulatives
Assessment Motivation
Building Vocabulary

Positive behavior support

Classroom Management

Positive reinforcement

Conducting an Experiment     

Problem Solving 

Connecting content to everyday life

Project-based Learning

Cooperative learning



Response to Intervention

Differentiation    Self-Reflection
Directions             Stations/Centers
Equitable response opportunity             Technology
Graphic Organizers              Time Management
Higher Order Questioning/Tasks    Transitions
Instructional Strategies                Using Visuals
Integrating Content                 Wait Time


2. Teacher clicks “record” to start video capture and “stop” when capture is complete. REPLACE MICS.


3. After all captures from the day are complete, the site liaison connects to system through an Ethernet cable (vs. wireless)  Click “Upload Queue” and select videos to upload or delete.


4. After uploading, visit Go to “Customer Log In” and enter user name and password. On the left tab, click “My Reflect Video Library” to access uploaded videos. Select “share video” to provide access to Partnership Network.




Instructions for Accessing Partnership Videos


After videos have been uploaded and shared, they may be accessed by the partnership network via the webpage. Go to "Customer Log In" and enter user name and password. On the left tab, click "My  Reflect Video Library" to access videos uploaded and shared throughout the network. Panoramic video may be maneuvered to view various parts of a classroom, and comments may be shared and viewed. Each comment will be tagged by a marker that will pinpoint a specific moment in the video's timeline. Comments and markers will be available via search and to all video viewers.





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